Thursday, November 20, 2008

We went to the new North Face store special event tonight.  While I got to talk to Pete Athans, my wife admired the clothes (and price tags!).  Pete is a very intelligent person to talk with.  He has evolved from a very skilled mountaineer into a fine humanitarian.  He works with the Khumbu Climbing School to help prepare high altitude Nepali climbers and workers.  I talked with him about Anatoli Boukreev.  I love Krakauer's writing, but after reading Beck Weather's and Anatoli's books on the Everest disaster, I wonder if his judgement was a bit quick.  

Myself and Pete Athans

The store is nice.  They have their official Grand Opening tomorrow and I bet it will be a zoo!  I'm sure that it will provide the clothing needed to look posh in the downtown area.  I will continue to be a patron of The Benchmark.  I have dropped money there since I was 13 and they were located on Emerald!  

So I guess the moral of the story is, I didn't get the roof on the climbing wall... again!  I also didn't train tonight.  Unless you call dodging wine toting socialites and cheese servers, exercise. 

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