Monday, January 26, 2009

Lazy Skiing.

We skied up at Brundage today and had a great time.  The weather was perfect and the people were nonexistent.  I really need to find a two-day-a-week job that pays very well! 

Parking for the Unemployed/Rich

Chris was taking a Tele course, so I occupied myself for a couple of hours.  Skiing mostly backcountry, I was amazed to have skied close to 10,000 vert in that short of time.  There was powder hidden in the trees.  My last run was "The Face".  I had skied it a couple of times because the pow was nice in the trees.  I noticed a large rock under the lift and thought that I could ski off the edge (Damon must have been with me).  I hit it and went a lot further than I thought I would since the bottom was quite a bit steeper.  The lodge should have a small laundry facility for occasions like that.  

It seems like they could definitely use some more snow.  I went down "Skidaddle" (aka "Stumpy") and noticed a lot of exposed stumps.  This coming week should bring some white stuff.
At any rate, I still enjoy earning my turns.  But, the $199 season pass deal next month at Bogus is looking better...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skiing on Freeman.

I skied the Freeman ridge today and the snow was nicely consolidated, so I skied some steeper lines.  The skiing was absolutely bitchin'!  On a side note, I cut my hair.  There is about a foot less hair on my head.  I was able to donate it to "Locks of Love".

If my legs weren't so worked from making multiple laps, I would head up again tomorrow! Happy turns!

The last run was Damon's run and I thought of him as I blasted through the fat pow down a nice and steep line.  

On a lighter note, we had too much time on our hands today...

Napoleon Dynamite on skis, "Do you ever go off any sweet jumps with those things?"