Friday, November 26, 2010

Freeman (11/25/10)

I wanted to get in some birthday turns and I HAD to be home by 2.  Freeman would have to do.  Even with the combat skinning up to about 6500', it was still great to get out.

There is about 105cm of snow at around 7500'.  It was surprisingly heavy.  I figured with the cold temps it would have been lighter.  We didn't have time to skin up to the "lunch rock", so we skied down from the point above where we made the igloo last year.  We made a one-run-wonder-run and went through the street fight simulator on the way out.

The other cool thing worth mentioning is that Mr. Plow has hooked us up so far.  In past years it seems like we get a couple car spots at the Freeman pull-out and the snowmo-derps get a Wal-Mart sized lot at Mores Summit.  

Hopefully, we will have more snow in the near future and our close to home playground will be Merry for Christmas Eve turns!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dark Side & Skateboard Ramps

Our work schedules have been very demanding and it's put a cramp in being outdoors. I really wanted to just BE outside. We had some time on Saturday and I wanted to head towards SV and go up towards Silver Lake. I also wanted to sleep. Sleep won out.

I decided to go to the new Oregon Trail Interpretive center across from Lake Forrest drive and hike the Dark Side loop. Starting from the Center parking lot and hiking towards the Dark Side of the Black Cliffs, we skirted along the cliff bottom and linked back up with the upper road. We turned around and followed the upper road back. About 3 miles total.

I also haven't climbed out at the Dark Side for a LONG time. So it was nice to check it out. I think that there is the potential for some moderate routes to go in there. Sandy and the guys did a great job with the clean up during the Adopt-A-Crag. I missed this years event. I'll have to earn some Karma points elsewhere.

I like the Dark Side because it lures you in with a nice doable crack and then smacks you with the feeling of being slightly overhung. Because you are! Sweet cracks and overhung gorilla hauls are sweet out here. The sun doesn't hit the Dark Side, ever. But the wind seems to not affect this aspect as bad. Combine all that with no people, a two mile total walk to the crags, no top ropes (sorry REI bunnies), and nothing less that 5.9, you've got good times!

Since I have been confined to the home. I built a ramp for the Little Man to practice dropping in on. The picture above is without the final masonite sheet, but you get the idea. He likes it and has been making me wish I was able to bounce off the concrete. I'll stick to my longboard.