Sunday, November 23, 2008

The roof has fallen!

Finally after almost a week, I have installed the roof on our climbing wall!  I feel bad because my wife is much smaller than me and lifting the roof overhead was difficult.  I had pre-drilled some screws and once it was in place, I popped the center screws in and screwed in the outer edges.  
I have tried to think forward of any potential problems.  I insulated the walls and the trusses before installing the plywood, I checked structural design to find a good balance between steep angle and strong structure, installed more T-nuts than I thought I needed and painted the panels before hanging.  I would recommend even building a small wall if you have the space.  It has helped me avoid pumping out.  I have found that through training lock-offs and straight arm traverses, I am not as pumped/scared placing gear and my widgets (thanks for the term Dean Lords!) are more thoughtfully placed.  The major drawback is that you will walk by the wall doing something else and before you know it, you are in a full-contact bouldering session!  I try to only use the wall intensely for 3 days a week.  I will traverse and boulder using jugs on the other days.

I would have liked to have two steeper walls and a roof for a more "cave" like feel, but it turned out good for the level that I climb at.
I put up the three roof jugs and traversed across.  Man!  It's going to take awhile to get strong on the overhanging stuff!  I like how it makes you very conscious of your foot placements and balance.  

I would like to thank ASANA for the excellent holds that they make.  They are a local company here in Boise and produce great products for the pebble grippers of the world.  The texture of their holds is near perfect.  I have a few Nicros and Metolious holds, but they don't compare to the Asana holds.  They have a new hangboard that is awesome!  I hope they develop some system holds or strips, as well.  Time for a light dinner and a go on the wall!  

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