Monday, November 17, 2008

Blog. Say What???

My cousin Damon recently died from cancer and it makes me think about the whys and whats in the universe.  He was only 44.  He was a voracious skier and lived life with as much adventure as he could.  It hurts to lose people that are close, but it served as a wake up call.  Everyday I think about time slipping through my hands.  There are a lot of things that I would like to get done.  

Making a blog is not one of them.  But I need an outlet.  I notice most of my climbing heroes have blogs.  When you read someone's blog, it gives a very brief glimpse of them on that particular day.  I also know that more people will read a mattress tag, than this blog.  Oh well...

I have a climbing wall in my garage to try to keep in climbing shape when I can't make it outside.  We went to the gym last year through the winter.  It was great in some ways.  It was nice to lead climb and there were some great people that I met, but it's very hard to go to a gym when you are used to climbing outside.  It was also very expensive.  I used the saved dues from the gym to build a wall.  If you go to the Metolius website, mine is pretty much the same design.  I am going to put up the roof tomorrow.  Building the wall is one of the best things that I have done.  I read a tidbit on Vince Anderson's website about his 8 x 10 wall being a great training tool.  He is absolutely right!  Even a small wall will keep your edge when you can't get outside.

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