Friday, December 9, 2011

First Trip to the Copper Area.

We took a trip up to Bull Trout and skied the North side and the SE side. Pretty good coverage for the first week of December. The picture above shows Copper. The top is pretty bare, but I hear that the snow on the other side is pretty awesome! Hike up and over and get back to me!

We skinned up and over and decided to ski one of the North side shots since it was stable and the snow was quite a bit better.

It's a fun shot that puts you out on the other side, but it's a fairly easy traverse back around. The turns were the best that I've had all year!

The turns are there if you want them and it wouldn't be a wasted trip. Get up there and get after it!!!


Fadgen's Adventures said...

Ralph, glad to see you have gotten your first turns for the year. We need to get together after Christmas for a tour.


Ralph S. said...

Hey John! We were skiing up at Mores in November. These were the first turns at Copper. The snow is there, it's just not as deep as we would like! Let's definitely get out after Christmas. I have a few places that you might really like!