Friday, April 20, 2012

Climbing within 220 Miles

Hell's Canyon Limestone

This is just a quick post with the places that I like to climb withing a 3-4 hour drive of Boise. There is a link to the current weather of each location and driving distance/time from Boise. I will try to evolve this into something more... maybe.

Black Cliffs
Basalt sport/trad climbing
Drive:  16.8 mi – about 31 mins

Burnt River
Limestone sport climbing.
Drive:  115 mi – about 2 hours 40 mins

Granite sport/trad climbing
Drive:  115 mi – about 3 hours 19 mins

Basalt sport/trad climbing (Steep)
Drive:  138 mi – about 2 hours 28 mins

Hell's Canyon
Limestone sport climbing
Drive:  152 mi – about 3 hours 37 mins

Castle Rocks
Granite sport/trad climbing
Drive:  211 mi – about 3 hours 49 mins

City of Rocks
Granite sport/trad climbing
Drive:  218 mi – about 4 hours 4 mins

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