Monday, August 23, 2010

Beaverdam Peak

I was looking for a close trip to a peak with some Alpine rock options. I started looking in the Lick Creek range in Lopez' book and started noting that there are A LOT of untested N. faces of mountains. They may have been tested, but there is nothing written about it. Either way, I just like aesthetic looking peaks and lines. I consulted my friend splattski about some slabs he saw when he was descending Beaverdam. It sounded like a perfect peak for what I wanted. We took the kids to my parent's for the night so we could get an early start. We made the drive in good time and were soon at Summit Lake and going cross country through some very neat terrain.

Once we made it through the old burn area, we started up the boulder field towards the looker's left of the peak. The bush was thick, and I really don't like thick bush (giggity). To avoid the huckleberry bushes we opted for the boulders.

The boulders were fun for about 15 minutes. We then moved over left of the field and mixed bush with boulders. We made it to the gully and had some water. We were running low on time (we had to pick up the kids). So Bonnie waited under an overhang.

I third classed up a large fracture in the slab. I popped out into blocks and small trees a hundred or so feet below the summit. I ran up and signed the register. I then used the same gully John and Art had used to descend.

If the slab went all the way from the base to the summit it would be awesome! If you want to take someone on an easy Alpine rock route with a summit, Beaverdam is it! From the base to the blocky section there is probably about 3 to 4 pitches of slab climbing. I didn't start at the base, but instead traversed from the gully across the face. The granite is white and solid. I will be back. This area is bitchin'!

The only problem with the area is driving the highway to McCall. You could be driving 470.44 mph and in no time there will be some asshole in a big truck with a trailer riding your tail. Oh well.

Thanks again to splattski for the pictures to get the inspiration to go up there. Much better than the Moob picture from El Cap...


Wes said...

Assholes in big trucks. Ha! Good to see a new post! Ski season-just round the bend!!

Ralph S. said...

Ski season! Very excited! You are going to have to show me around your country over there. I didn't get into the LRR more than three times last ski season.

Wes said...

Big and largely undone out here but the Range usually blows ass till late winter. There is some amazing stashes if one is willing to tent it though. I spend a lot of time in the easy to get Pioneer stuff in early winter. You're right, We should nail some big lines!!