Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long time... No Post...

I haven't been writing as much. Just lazy. My schwankle has stopped me from doing a lot of what I have been wanting to do. I went to the doctor and am on the road to recovery. My injury screwed splattski and me out of Merritt. I owe him next June...

We have been taking some short trips with the family. We hiked up Blackman Peak. I think that this is a perfect peak for younger ones! What a blast! Other than the parking lot at the 4th of July trailhead, it was a perfect day.

We also made a trip over to Castle Rocks SP to climb. We stayed at the RV campground. What luxury! Showers, electricity, water right next to you! It was great to stay there in the Westy. We didn't even climb in the City. Castle Rocks is not crowded and there is a lot to do in one spot so you don't have to hike around too much. We climbed some obscure stuff on Fenceline rock. We climbed one route that had 6 bolts in 100 feet! It was only 5.8, but it makes you think for a minute!

I ran into Brad Shilling (the climbing Ranger) and got to talk to him about the bullshit BLM closures in parts of Castle. After that we climbed a bit, hiked a bit, hit the hot springs, ate, read, and generally just enjoyed life!

Now I am going to focus on getting ready for the ski season. I can't wait! There is still climbing to be done. Alpine goals to attempt. Hell's Canyon will be cooling off, then it's game on Limestone!

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