Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lola Lake Chutes

There is still some good skiing to be had out there! Bob and I threw a quick trip together to check on the Lola Lake area. I was thinking that we would just be blasting some corn on some faces, but the chutes were filled in and perfectly softening up when we got to the top! So I dropped into one and booted up another. We then ran a lap from the top of Lola point on perfect corn.

There is some dirt crossing on the lower elevations. Although, if you were going to ski Copper, you could probably stay on snow if you were following the drainage up to the N. side. 

I've been training mostly for sport climbing, so I thought that my cardio would be an issue, but it wasn't. I fueled entirely on GU gels and lot's of water. I could have used some Hammer Perpetuem to fill in the lows the GU brought. Bob says that the 10 pounds of ski fat that I lost was probably the difference. Maybe. We had an Alpine start, so we were back in town with plenty of time for yard work and Birthday parties!


snowbot said...

L oh L a LalalaLooola...

Good skiing in there. Glad to hear there's still snow, and you're still getting out!

Bigger chute (pic 3) is known as Ricochet. Another good line to skier's left that isn't obvious from the top - Serendipity.


Ralph S. said...

There's still enough for at least one or two more weeks of skiing. Lean approach, though. All this nice weather makes me wanna clip bolts more than clip in!