Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Terminal Cancer Couloir

After watching the weather for the last two weeks, I decided that yesterday would be the best opportunity to go down to the Ruby mountains and ski the TC couloir.  I have never been in the Rubies.  There seems to be a lot of motorized recreation.  In fact, we were the only backcountry skiers NOT using a helicopter.

Here is the trailhead.  There are so many coolies to explore here that if I lived here, my car would be here a lot!

The approach to this classic line is less than 15 minutes from the car.  It's on the buttress to the lookers right.

The depth of the snow made for a brutal booter, but awesome descent.

The view from the road is deceptive.  The line appears very steep, but is not more than 35 degrees and is very consistent.  I was pleased.  The other funny expectation I had was that it was going to end in a dramatic saddle, kinda like most Sawtooth coolies.  You get to the top and there is another MUCH larger mountain RIGHT behind it.

Bob wanted me to take a picture of him crossing the creek.  Most people don't want a camera around when crossing a water feature in ski boots.  I obliged, but he never fell in as per our agreement.

We did it as a day-trip.  It made for a long day, but I think it was worth it to ski the line in good condition.  I highly recommend it.  I will even go down there with you...  if you drive.

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