Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bull Trout Point

Greg and I had planned on climbing an ice flow that I noticed was in 10 days ago.  The only problem is that it was warm AND had rained since then.  The icicle had fallen and the beautiful blue ice below was now foamy white.  So much for ice climbing.  Luckily, we were going to have to skin back into the ice, so we had all of our touring gear.  We decided that since we were only 20 minutes from Copper that we may as well go skiing.

Once at the pull-out I told Greg that maybe instead of going to cliche' Copper, we should go to the Bull Trout Point ridge.  He didn't take too much convincing!

The skin in is easy once past the thicker trees on the lower slope.  The snow just got better and better the higher we got.  We didn't go all the way to the true summit.  We stopped at the first false summit and skied the face you can see from the road.

We skinned back up and skied the ridge to the bottom.  The snow on the lower ridge turned to corn.  It was almost a surprise to have such great snow conditions.

We cut through the trees and were on flat ground.  Somebody had pulled a BIG sled down Bull Trout road with snowshoes.  What a cool place to spend a few days in the winter.  Lucky people.  

Happy Birthday Greg!  Hope you had a good one!

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