Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outdoor Climbing Gym

Everyone that lives in Boise knows where Table Rock is. Everyone that climbs here knows that there is some excellent bouldering and top-roping up there also. But, there is a side of Table Rock that is not as classic as the South side. It's called the Traverse Wall in Sandy's guidebook. Drive up past the gate and park at the first spot on your left after you level off. Don't park in front of the quarry gate or you can be Federally executed since they are protecting History and nature by blasting the shit out of it.

Walk around or climb down to the bottom of the cliff and there will be a nice shady wall that runs for a hundred or so feet. Start anywhere and traverse on jugs and pockets until your forearms quit. You don't really need climbing shoes since you are going for the forearm pump and there's not much finesse in footwork on this wall. Some footholds have been epoxied to prevent further erosion.

I like it because it's cool in the summer, the kids are safe, there's no techno music blaring, nobody is shouting beta, but best of all... it's outside!

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