Sunday, March 7, 2010

Burnt River

It doesn't get much better than backcountry skiing on Saturday and then climbing limestone on Sunday! I had been promising my wife that I would take her to Burnt River and show her the limestone stash. So today we drove the two hours over there. It's more than worth it!

She stepped up to the plate and got the seasons first lead! She cruised up a 5.8. I guess the climbing gym membership IS useful after all! We ran laps on the 5.8 and a 5.10 that was near. I love limestone!

The Little Man even got in some limestone action. We climb on Basalt, Granite, Smith Rock Tuff, and Limestone. We need to get to Moab to round out our experience. My personal favorite is limestone, but the City and it's granite calls to us a few times a month in the summer!

We went back to the truck and had lunch in the peaceful canyon. It was a very nice day. I need to figure out how to work two days and have five off! On the drive out we saw some sheep. They were close to the road and weren't too shy.

The Bighorn sheep was reintroduced in the late 80's to the canyon and they seem to be doing well.

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