Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Hit

Exit chute

Chris, Wes and I went up to Freeman on Saturday to get some vert in before noon. I really like getting in some vert and turns and still having a day left! At the parking lot we met Jared and his dog. We hiked up the road and started to skin up the ridge. Some most excellent person has reset the skin track to follow the ridge up. This is my preferred route up and the person that set this track did very well!

There was a post on about instabilities in the Mores Summit area, but we found very stable slopes. Warmer temps today (Sunday) may change all that. We made three laps and the temps started to rise so we called it a day at around noon. I wanted to check out the exit chute off of the skin track that leads almost right down to the parking area. Wes and I skied down the ridge and dropped in. Conditions were most excellent and we didn't have to walk down the road to the truck!

We went into Idaho City and ate cheeseburgers and drank a pitcher of PBR. Wes bought lunch and the pitcher. Thanks Wes! I feel much better this weekend. Hopefully I can get something bigger planned for the upcoming weeks.

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