Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Black Cliffs

With the weather so good, I decided to take today off and take the better half up to the Cliffs to climb.  The night before, I had gone into The Benchmark to return some totally bitchin' 80's climbing films that I checked out and saw Seth.  He said he wouldn't mind coming out.  We were out there at around 11:30 and the temperature was great.  You can truly only enjoy the Cliffs on the North side of the river in the spring and fall.  The summer is just too hot.  I went back to "Nut'n a Sling".  Seth is getting a nice trad rack built up and wanted to observe gear placements.  I led it and he cleaned it.

Seth on "Nut'n a Sling"

After we top roped "Nut'n a Sling" a few times we went down to "Little Boots".  It has a thumb's up in the guidebook and it definitely deserves it!  It's a really fun climb.  Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time, so I led it and Seth cleaned it.  We then hurried home to meet the rototiller dude (with a detour to the coffee shop).

Starting "Little Boots"

Below the crux on "Little Boots"

We also got a Trango Cinch to belay with.  I really like using it on bolted routes and for top roping.  It's very easy to lead belay with.  Easier to use AND cheaper than a Gri Gri!

Cinch in action

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