Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yellow Pine Ice (1/31/09).

We took a trip up to Yellow Pine.  The ice is in pretty good shape and the road is in good shape, as well.  The roadside formations are beautiful.

It's hard not to stop and take a picture.  The weather was also great.  It was warming up and was well above freezing.  Once we got on the ice, we had limited time due to a late start and the 4 hour drive.  The drive up there is something else.  Going to Yellow Pine in the summer sucks, but going there via the winter road is a suck of another level.  It would be nice to stay the night and get two days worth of climbing for the drive.

Even though the the drive is miserable, I have already hit up a friend about going back up.  The formation in the picture above is very fat!  It's probably WI2/3.  There are also a couple of WI2's to the climbers left from the fatty.  If you bring up three or four screws, cordelettes and a 50 foot static rope (for the larger trees further back), a toprope can be safely set on the climbs.  

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brian p. harder said...

Hey Ralph,
Thanks for your comments on my site. Thought I would check yours out. As a former Boise resident, it was fun checking out some of my old haunts. Just for fun, would you confirm that your opening page photo is that of a very dry N.Face of Cobb up in the Pioneers? Also, the little ice flow above the pool must be none other than Jump Creek. No? Climbed it so many years ago with Bob Mosely. Man were we desperate!